In time for the 2 years anniversary, we finally upgraded the popular Proxylist.co front-end web interface to latest WordPress with nice theme (DIYTheme) that would allow us for real customization on front pages.

At last, Proxylist.co is redirected to webproxylist.com domain name, even though both domain names share the same new platform.  The only thing that is unchanged is the member dashboard, which will use proxylist.co domain name due to the security and large number of customers/seo tools that are still using the direct link feature.

As always, please contact us if you have any questions.

Enjoy our services as usual,



After nearly two years of running Proxylist.co on “custom” Web site, we re-designed Proxylist.co to run on WordPress platform to make the “front-end” Proxylist.co to be Google-friendly. With WP platform, I would be able to add many features/details to this awesome Proxylist.co site.

Major changes:

Forum – moved to Questions and Answers, plus many rewrite of the questions/answers based on two years of questions/answers from forum and emails. With this nice “stackerflow” style Q & A feature, it will allow for nicer management of questions/answers without any spammy posts found in the previous proxylist.co forum.
FAQ – improved page – to make it easy to follow.
Blog – added to keep up with the announcements/details of what is going on with Proxylist.co services.
Web 2.0 – More details, better appearance and tons of updates added to Proxylist.co WP platform.

As for the membership dashboard, it will remain the same for now due to the complex coding involved into dealing with millions of IPs. We will improve the appearance on that membership dashboard to make it look better.

It took us more than a month to make the switchover to WP, including to redirect, rewrites, etc. and other interesting technical stuffs to make this Proxylist.co  site to the most popular site anywhere.

Please feel to contact us if you have any suggestions/questions.



New Subscription Prices

October 16, 2011

Due to our successful services that are running strong for more than a year, we are happy to offer the new package prices, starting at $4.99/mo for 400 Worldwide HTTP package, perfect for Scrapebox, Xrumer, etc. Click to visit Buy Subscription.

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Proxy Tool Windows App – Released!

October 12, 2011

We just released the beta version Proxy Tool Windows App – that will automatically download the proxy lists from our server, that will make your life much easier – more productivity for you. Click on Tools to visit the Proxy Tool Windows App section.

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Proxy Tool Addon for Firefox

October 6, 2011

As promised to several customers, here’s the details about the proxy tool for Firefox. Several pictures (screenshots) are worth thousands of words. Screenshots:

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Proxy Engines – extensively upgraded

May 27, 2011

Proxy engines have been extensively upgraded to harvest/scan/test nearly 100,000 HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS proxies a day, with improved test yield that will allow for much more available working proxies for subscribers. It means many specialized filters, such as Scrapebox filter (one of a kind in the world) that give the subscribers the additional working proxies for their […]

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World’s first hybrid of paying and free proxy list subscription services

January 18, 2011

New “Free” Subscription services by earning the points is added to our system, making Proxy List to be the world’s first hybrid of paying and free subscription services. Screenshot shown in Free Proxy List:  

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Proxylist.co and other Proxy Tools are moved to it’s own new powerful dedicated server

December 19, 2010

Proxylist.co and other proxy related sites are moved to new data center with it’s own custom-built powerful server – to keep up with over 600K+ proxies to maintain for all proxylist.co customers. The switchover is completed in December 2010.

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Over 1/2 Million Worldwide Proxies – added

November 30, 2010

Proxy List now has over 1/2 Million Worldwide Proxies in our system!

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Over 50,000 proxies are added to Proxylist.co

August 7, 2010

Proxy List now has over 50,000+ Worldwide Proxies in our system!

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