[spoiler title=”Why do I need to pay for subscribing to ProxyList.co services when I can use free proxy lists out there?”]Do you ever get tired of bad/non-working proxies from free proxy list sites out there? Fortunately, ProxyList has the advanced custom proxy checking tools running on its own powerful servers that will ensure that these latest proxies are frequently tested to be ready for your anonymous Internet online needs.[/spoiler] [spoiler title=”Do you use your own proxy tester tools? How good are they??”]http://analyzemy.net site (owned by us) to check out these nifty Internet/proxy tools), which has been tested by thousands of visitors. With our custom advanced proxy tools running on powerful dedicated servers, we would be able to perform the tests on thousands of proxies easily in a short time to make them ready for your anonymous Internet usage.[/spoiler] [spoiler title=” How can ProxyList.co be able to manage tens thousands of proxies?”]Proxy List servers scan and acquired tens thousands latest proxies on the Internet. The proprietary proxy scanner tools store these proxies to our own secure back end database server. In additional, Proxy List proxy multi-threaded testers screen these saved proxies for a frequent period of time to ensure that they are active, then update them to the database, ready to be downloaded/viewed by paid subscribers. Dead/bad proxies are discarded by Proxylist.co proxy engines automatically.[/spoiler] [spoiler title=”Are you restricting the total number of subscribers using ProxyList.co?”]Yes. We will turn away the new subscribers automatically, if the active subscribers have reached the certain ratio limit (subscribers vs total working http proxies and socks proxies). The proxies/subscribers ratio will help to insure that the paying customers will have the quality services from ProxyList.co.[/spoiler] [spoiler title=”Will these proxies work with my SEO/marketing tools (Adsenseboy, MailerKing, Scrapebox, XRumer, HRefer, etc.)?”]Yes (most of the time), by using the worldwide proxies offered by ProxyList.[/spoiler] [spoiler title=”Why do you limit the number of specific proxies per subscription?”]Because it would not make sense for one person to subscribe to over 50,000+ proxies list at once for a small price. The ProxyList system is running the multi-threaded proxy testers on tens of thousands of proxies stored from the database, which requires powerful servers to keep these proxies fresh and ready for download. It is not cheap to operate.

By paying for the fresh quality & tested proxy list(s) through ProxyList, you’ll be able to get what you need for your anonymous uses.[/spoiler] [spoiler title=”Can I share or post the proxy list subscription member account with others?”]No.
See Terms of Service for details.
[/spoiler] [spoiler title=”Your Proxylist site reports the total of proxies, which seems to be pretty large compared to other sites out there. Are all proxies stored in ProxyList database actually live?”]No. Roughly, 5% of all HTTP/HTTPS proxies (around 1% for SOCKS) in ProxyList database are AVAILABLE for use. That is the reason why Proxylist.co’s multi-thread proxy engines are constantly testing these proxies using the multi-threaded proxy testers to keep the database updated with the fresh and tested proxy lists to be downloaded by paid subscribers.
[/spoiler] [spoiler title=”What is the advantage of using SOCKS over HTTP/HTTPS?”]The traffic through SOCKS proxy connection may be faster than HTTP proxy by around 10-20% because SOCKS are less popular than HTTP, as well as a bit more complicate for novices to configure the computer to use the SOCKS proxy connection through the SOCKS proxy client than HTTP proxy. However, SOCKS have the advantages when it comes to multi-applications usage (other than web browser) such as the ICQ, mail client, etc. that can be connected to the Internet anonymously.

Please see “How to Configure Socks” section here on how to use SOCKS proxy.
[/spoiler] [spoiler title=” Proxy servers are illegal in some states. Is that true?”]False. See Bill of Rights (Look for IV and V Amendments) on this site:
[/spoiler] [spoiler title=” What is CoDeeN, and do you include CoDeeN proxies in paid subscription proxy list?”]See CoDeeN site for more details on what is CoDeeN is used for.

As the paid ProxyList.co subscriber, you will have the ability to separate out CoDeeN proxies anytime.[/spoiler] [spoiler title=” I downloaded the proxy list – but some of them does not work!”]Several reasons – read on below:

Even though the proxy IP is functional, it is possible that the proxy server is running too unreliably due to many factors such as the slow network speed.

  • Accessing to your sites (Hulu, Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, Wikipedia, Craigslist, etc.) are blocked due to their own proxy detector that detects that you’re using proxy IP instead of real IP address. That is the reason for considering us over “shared private proxies” services offered by other companies.
  • Many organizations such as schools, corporations, etc. currently block their favorite web sites by blocking their specified web site addresses (http://www….) or their real or known proxy IP addresses.
  • Proxy bypass sites don’t last forever. Once they have been detected and also blocked, you have to find another proxy server. Remember, they can last for some time though, and new proxies are beginning generated as fast as the old ones are being blocked. You should therefore, find a proxy website that provides you with more than one alternative.
  • It is possible that the recently filtered proxy IP address has died down after few minutes of testing done by Proxylist multi-threaded proxy testers. Fortunately, you have plenty of extra proxies provided by ProxyList to utilize for your anonymous Internet access needs.
  • Even though if a proxy server works fine today, it doesn’t mean it will work tomorrow or next week. Remember, there are no such 100% working proxy servers anywhere.
  • When it happens (non-working proxies), just come back here to visit your member section here and download the latest proxy list.