Proxy Tool Addon for Firefox

by admin on October 6, 2011

As promised to several customers, here’s the details about the proxy tool for Firefox.

Several pictures (screenshots) are worth thousands of words.


Menu (right-click on button)
Proxy IP : Port can be pasted in the proxy text box and click on icon button (by default, HTTP/HTTPS proxy type is selected).

Proxy Type (HTTP/HTTPS, Socks4 or Socks5)

Tooltip – display details when mousing over the icon button.

43M+ different user agent variations – World’s Largest!
(User Agents = Different type of browsers, including iPhone/iPad)

10 different editable spoofed http referrers

Simple settings
– Auto-rotate proxies
– Clear Cookies (Flash and site)

Other items:
– 5 Free HTTP Proxies per day is included.
– 9 different locale languages
– This plugin will work with Firefox (Windows, Mac and Linux)
– Proxy Tool plugin development for IE and Chrome is in progress.

Here’s the download link:

– Latest working proxies (private or public) from proxy list providers can be used for this proxy tool FF plugin.
– Please do not ask me on how to use it for CPA offers.
– Please do not ask me on how to use it for CPC ads.
– Please do not complain to me if this tool will mess up your Geegle Analytic.
- The screenshots as shown above is based on Version 1.14.

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